Composer, Producer and Pianist for Videogames and Picture

- S H O W R E E L



Hey Listen! I am Nicolas Roses, a Composer, Producer and multi-instrumentalist. Graduating in "Taller de Musics ESEM" in "Composition" and completing a Master's degree in "Music and Sound for Entertainment" in "ENTI Barcelona". My works have been premiered in Festival Talent 2020, CONSMUPA, CCCB, Institut del Teatre and the SGAE Halls in Barcelona. I have created music for media, videogames and also theater and dance and I would gladly create new music for your project.

Your Story

Music is not only nice to listen to, it also sets the mood, the ambient. It creates worlds and fills them with life. Music tells a story. So what does your story tell?


My musical references are vast and reach from METAL like Slayer or Mick Gordon to CLASSICAL Debussy, Beethoven or Bruckner. From ELECTRONIC like Apashe or Extra Terra to SOUNDTRACKS from Hans Zimmer, Desplat and video games like ORI, Journey, God of War. You name it!


Tell me your references, intentions and motives for your project and let's start creating your own personal Soundtrack.


Requiem for Electronics

Spatial reimagination of Mozart's famous Requiem

Blood, Glory and Honor

Theme for Barbarian race in Blood, Glory and Honor

Soccer Legends

Match theme for Soccer Legends


Chiptune for a Beat Em Up Game


Minimalistic piece with tempo changes



Life Unfolding

Music Cosmos Composer Competition


Composition for Dance-Coreography


GIL Soundtrack Award

Last to Die



"Working with Nico is an amazing experience. The quality of his works took our game to a whole new level. He was able to analyse and react to the request very efficiently and provided a lot of information about the progress so we could give feedback and quickly iterate. Definitely willing to work again with Nico and see what his talent will create.."

- Soccer Legends

"Nicolas showed profound knowledge and resources that helped developing the musical concepts proposed to him. Always ready to help, to discuss the best possible solution for a problem and to rework and expand past ideas."

- Scarecrow Studios

"We worked and continue to work with Nico, and it has been a fantastic experience; not only because of his excellent musical talent, but because of his approachability as a person, and versatility of requests. In our case, we needed various tracks of different genres to represent our game's characters and their varied personalities, and Nico has delivered on all fronts despite the huge range of musical genres he had to work with. I absolutely recommend him for all your musical needs."

- Sunny Goat Studio

"Working with Nicolas on the choreography "Hypnos" has been an incredible journey. Nicolas always finds a way of effortlessly transforming our ideas into musical reality while adding his unique artistic flair. His passion, creativity, and collaborative spirit make him an absolute joy to work with."

- Gloria, Coreographer